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Kinross Financial Group Inc. stands on three pillars




Rob Kinross
Founder and CEO

Rob’s awareness grew out of watching his father grow a successful lumber mill employing 80 and caring for each employee and getting to know their families. His ability to evaluate, plan and give ongoing advise came from his early learning experience. 


Rob’s passion for how financial vehicles work is what led him into a career as a Financial Advisor in 1990. For over 28 years Rob’s focus to educate and guide clients on their goals and how to achieve them hasn’t changed.


As a receiver of the Valedictorian Award Rob has been recognized for going above and beyond for his clients and co-workers; building strong relationships.


Rob worked 17 years with a corporation and made a change to becoming an independent Financial Advisor in 2007, and has been affiliated with Customplan Financial Advisors for over 11 years and in 2018 he incorporated Kinross Financial Group Inc.


He has specialized in providing the solutions to create and maintain wealth, insure those with a need and protect what needs protecting. 

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