With tax season upon us, RRSP and TFSA contributions are coming due. 

More about the differences between TFSA vs RRSP. 

Life Insurance or Mortgage Insurance

The key difference between the two: you personally own life insurance and the beneficiary that you choose decides where the tax-free money will be spent whereas Mortgage Insurance is owned by the creditor.

If your life insurance is $1M, 300K could go to your house and the 700K could go into savings comparing to Mortgage Insurance where all the funds would go towards your house no matter what. 


Don't worry about the dip in the market, investments are a long-term decision. With this dip in the market we can focus on buying low and when the market increases, this is when we will see our returns increase.


Are you a business owner? If the worst were to occur, are your co-owners, family, employees, stakeholders protected?

Protect your future & everything you've worked for as of today.